We've built YourGlobalFamily to help all people become better at cross-cultural interactions, turning them into intercultural victories. But we are especially drawn to help parents to raise their children as responsible, globally engaged citizens.

This can be hard, especially when you're in the parenting trenches. But we believe even in the earliest stages of growing your family, you can begin to cast your vision for what that family will become. We also believe there is hope for families currently feeling overwhelmed by the barrage of daily demands. To you we say, "YourGlobalFamily should be a happy & welcoming place on the internet for you!"

3 ways YourGlobalFamily can equip you:

  • Thinking about taking your family abroad? Start with our FREE 5-Day Email Course, YourFamilyAbroad. (Larger course in development.)
  • Several other course ideas are in the works. These include the following:
  • Creative Bridge-Building 
  • Travel the World at Home
  • Passion + Purpose + Plan = Progress

We have two Resource Pages for you:  

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