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"This book transports you to China and its beauty and challenges.

It's really easy to read, even for non-native English speakers. 

I'm done reading it in two days and still re-read my favorite chapters now."

– Adelina Devita • Busy Indonesian mom of two

"An engaging, inspiring story of one family's decision to pursue growth and joy

by taking their children overseas for a year. The pages turned quickly

as I read about how the DePalatis parents and children grew closer to each other

and opened hearts and minds to God's rich tapestry of cultures."

– Mitali Perkins, Author

"If you are thinking of a family trek overseas, this book is a MUST read.

Delightful, easy read that gives fun stories and good insight into the joys

and challenges of the adventure."


"Caroline! Your book is a breath of fresh air ... real and  honest. Your story DOES

inspire me [and] give me the extra push to step out of our comfort zone

and do more than dream about going, but to take the next steps

in the journey to actually DO it."

– Nicole Akers • Blogger & Community Builder

"Richly textured and refreshingly candid.

The author’s approach also allows us to see the experience

through the eyes of their children, and their eyesight and insight

always humbles those of us who tend to think we know it all!"

– John Blakerly

"This book is amazing and so well-written! I feel like I have

lived the adventure in China right along with this family. 

It has opened my eyes to the importance of understanding other cultures

and how we are all connected no matter what continent we live on."

– Doris Swift • Author & Blogger

"If you want to feel inspired and make your family's cross-cultural

exchange a reality, read this book."

– Deb Meyer • Financial Planner & Blogger

"As a Chinese now living in the U.S, I enjoyed reading this book so much.

The author shares her family's one year life in China.

All the stories are so vividly told that I thought about my hometown

Shanghai and even felt homesick while reading."

– Crystal Yang • New Chinese mom, currently living in the U.S.

"You come away from reading this book feeling that if they could do it,

I can too. Definitely recommended if you have ever wondered about

what it would be like to live someplace else for a season."

– CJ Writer

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