Welcome! • 欢迎 • Bienvenido • добро пожаловать • Karibu • ようこそ • Hoşgeldiniz • स्वागत हे • Willkommen • 환영 • Selamat Datang • أهلا بك • Bienvenue

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We're a growing global community of people who believe our world is better when we endeavor to understand one another. We may not always agree. But that's okay. Learning to appreciate the differences and lean into our commonalities is what our world needs today.

Through YourGlobalFamily, we seek to unite, illuminate, and celebrate the stories of individuals and families from around the world. We aim to become true interculturalists

Interculturalist = Someone who is comfortable in more than one culture, can function well between cultures and serve as a bridge between cultures.

For culture is, at the deepest level, born in community, and the most basic of that is the family. Although people may share a nationality, their culture is often different. Helping people become more effective and thoughtful bridges across divides – real and perceived – is central to our vision for YourGlobalFamily.

Learning from one another, we seek to embrace our diversity for a stronger tomorrow. We see that opportunity most strongly in youth and, specifically, families.

Our focus at YourGlobalFamily is on young couples and parents with children ages 0–15, grandparents and other extended family members, educators and anyone who works with children in this age range.

YourGlobalFamily is one of those sweet spots on the internet (and real life!), equipping you and the children in your care and life to become better thinkers, better listeners, better communicators, and better collaborators.

We seek to do this through a three-pronged approach: Education, Community & Adventure. Please explore our website to figure what will best help you.

Here at YourGlobalFamily, individuals connect. Families learn. Children grow. This causes communities to thrive, bringing solutions to societal problems within reach.

As one global community, we discover answers for a brighter future and empower people to illuminate and live out good in our world. This is the heart of YourGlobalFamily. Welcome!

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