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It's a lot of work to create something new! But when you must do so, it helps to have excellent tools. We've discovered a few along the way, and want to share them with you, too. Perhaps they'll be useful for you as you create something of value for the world. We will continue to add to this page, so bookmark it and revisit frequently.

Creating: Business Building, Community & Writing

  • TribeWriters – This is a fabulous community, bar none, of creators – artists, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and people full of ideas. Led by best-selling author Jeff Goins, TribeWriters offers several online courses, digital resources, live events and supportive community. Highly recommended. TribeWriters pretty much got us started.
  • Tribe Builder's Network – TBN is an offshoot of TribeWriters. It is a Facebook group led by Nicole Akers and Frank McKinley. Both are writers & entrepreneurs, kind & thoughtful people who lead well. 
  • AppSumo – Some great offers here for emerging and established products to really help you build a strong and versatile business. I have gotten some good and very useful stuff here.

Website Building

  • Simvoly – We have used Simvoly to build and host this website. Simvoly is an intuitive drag-and-drop web builder with a responsive team behind it. You can also white label, building websites for others, and develop your own revenue stream this way. We previously used with a theme by Kadence Themes. But we are finding our experience with Simvoly much easier. 
  • Namecheap – All our URLs are licensed and purchased through Namecheap. Economical, easy interface & excellent service. Could we ask for anything more?


Here are some of the best places we've found for free images. Please keep in mind some (but not all) of these may require attribution. Never use a picture on your website or other material without including the name & attribution link when it is required.


For list building & bulk email correspondence, we're now using ActiveCampaign (from June, 2019) and loving it. Yes, we have used MailChimp and a few others, but AC seems easier to understand and the support has been excellent.

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