Hush, my soul.

The noise of this world wants to drown out your yearning to be still.

To know the power of Presence.

To experience all the warmth, wonder and wisdom of the Season.

Hush, my soul.

Your to-do lists pile up, screaming for your attention.

The decorations, the gifts, the mailing of cards to far-flung places

Only to again tell people what they already know: You are alive.

Hush, my soul.

There is so much deeper going on, more than a greeting card can convey.

What about the dear friend in hospice, the shaken ground up north,

Your elderly parents who need more of your care and attention?

Hush, my soul.

You want to be available for so many,

To love, to care, to reach out, to console.

Yet in the deepest part of your being the words ring out: Be still and know.

Hush, my soul.

The world around you spins.

Friends near and far, bejeweled sequins of your life’s story, each a treasure.

You long to connect in a very real way with each one. But now you must say,

Hush, my soul.

Capture the moment. This moment of quiet in the shadow before dawn.

When few stir and all remains calm, much like that silent night.

When the glory of God chose to come to earth and present itself in fetal form.

Hush, my soul.

And yet, the world spins, the news runs 24/7, people scramble upon the planet.

Often unaware of this miracle, and so many others.

That human life could happen should the conditions on the planet change even a fraction.

Hush, my soul.

Consider the weight of a moment wrapped in eternity,

This gift of breath and life, laughter and love, beauty and simplicity, wonder and the ordinary,

Which is so not ordinary, and yet we frequently miss the magic in it all.

Hush, my soul.

You’ve been given 86,400 seconds in this day, no more, no less.

While we do not know the full length of our days on this planet,

A single day serves up an equal share to all.

Hush, my soul.

Before the dawn breaks, before you dip your toe into the swirling waters of life,

Savor some in quietness, humility, reflection and expectation.

Be deliberate; it will not come to you. You must set your mind like flint and say,

Hush, my soul.

You are better for others when you take this time

When you don’t hurtle yourself headlong into the untamed busyness of the commercial holiday season.

When you claim the moment and read, contemplate, meditate, and sing,

Hush, my soul.

The world will get along fine without you these several minutes,

As you sit quietly in wonder, contemplating the very nature of a Creator

Who calls you, “My Child.”

©2018, YourGlobalFamily | Written by Caroline DePalatis

December 2, 2018

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