How to Leave a

Verified Amazon Review

Here's What You Need to Know:

You can leave an Amazon review whether or not you've purchased the book on Amazon. But you can only leave a verified Amazon review if you've purchased the book on Amazon.

You must have a history of purchasing at least $50 worth of items on Amazon to leave a review, verified or not.

Here's How to Do It:


1) Sign in to your Amazon account. 


2) To the right of the Welcome Button, you will see "Orders." This will be in a dropdown menu on the Amazon App. Click on ORDERS. 

3) If you have purchased a hard copy, your merchandise orders will appear, most recent first. 

4) If you have purchased a digital copy, click on "Digital Orders" and you should see your item. If you have obtained the digital copy during a free sale, then the process is a little different. See * below.

5) In either case, to the right you should see a button labeled: "Write a Product Review." Click on that. NOTE: You will NOT be able to to this until a book or product is actually LIVE. In the case of Parenting from the Periphery, this means March 1, 2019.

6) Give an overall STAR rating, add a photo or video of you with the book (optional), write a simple title and then a brief objective review (as short or long as you like). Please do not mention you know Dale. Amazon often removes reviews like that. Make it something specific if you can, and make it something you'd like to read to better understand the product. It does not need to be fancy.

7) Hit SUBMIT and you're good to go!

Reviews like these mean a lot, especially for first-time authors. 

* If you ordered and downloaded your Kindle book during a FREE sale or promotional special, it's possible you will not see the regular place to click to review. In fact, the item may not even show up in your orders. So, instead, scroll to the bottom of the Amazon page for the book until you see the "Write a Customer Review" button, below the last submitted review. Then click on that button, and it should take you to the correct page to submit a review.


Thank you so very much!

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