About SPAR

SPAR is an iOS-based social habit-building app (iPhones only).

By participating in a SPAR challenge, you have the opportunity to earn some money if you successfully complete the challenge. That means doing the actual reading and then recording about it via the built-in video feature in the SPAR app. (In this case, you do NOT need to report in to the Facebook group.)

How it works:

(1) Download the SPAR app from the AppStore to your phone. It's free.

(2) Set up your profile in SPAR. You will need to give your credit card info here. That's because IF you win a challenge, SPAR can send money (credit) to your card. IF you don't win, they can also charge your card.

(3) Then go find the #ReadAroundtheWorld Challenge on SPAR. Or link from here.

(4) From that point, just wait for the challenge to begin.

Once the challenge begins, you will need to check in daily via the SPAR app for the full 14 days. Any skips register as a miss, and this means you will not win the challenge. At the end of the 14 days, whoever has 0 misses is a winner. All winners split the pot that has built up from those who did not check in, or from those who dropped out of the challenge.

Let's do this! Any questions? Contact us here.

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