You've worked hard writing it. Slaved away, really. It's edited and ready to publish and you're going to try your hand at self-publishing this first time around.

But you have no clue of how to go about it.

We can help you with that. With years upon years of layout, desktop publishing and design experience, we can offer you our services at an excellent rate. 

We will work with you to discover exactly what you want – and take you through the process as much or as little as you want. 

Most of all, we'll get it done and ready for you to get your work out in the world. In a way you can be proud of. Beautifully. Simply. And economically.

After all, the world needs your story, right?

Nothing's quite like the magic of a well-told story, fiction or non-fiction. Words jumping off the page into the heart and mind of the reader. You can change the world through your words!

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