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Questions you can use on your posts:

Do you know why teenagers seem to have a hearing impairment when their parents speak?


How much should I restrict social media for my teenagers?


How can I get my kids to be involved in healthy activities instead of risk-taking behavior?


My teenager is failing three classes! What can I do?


My daughter’s boyfriend is a little sketchy. I’m worried about her being too involved emotionally too soon. I know this is a situation where I can’t be passive. What actions of mine can have a helpful effect?


“Why are my teens so uncommunicative with me? They seem to share a lot with their friends and teachers, but all I get are grunts and mumbles when I try to start a conversation.” This is a common feeling for parents of teenagers. There’s a reason they share so little with parents.


“I can’t believe my child is so uncooperative! I told the kids yesterday that we were going to spend the day shopping for school clothes, and my eldest just told me they don’t want any other clothes and wants to hang out with a friend today instead. I told her that wasn’t an option, and she had a fit. What is going on?”


Teenagers get dopamine rewards from hanging out with peers, but not from hanging out with their parents. When teens get together, they have a much higher chance of participating in risky behaviors.


“I’ve grounded my teen three times, and it seems to have no effect.” Time outs and grounding may work with small children, but teens only resent this kind of treatment. There are better ways to get your kids to act maturely.


“My child seems depressed and I noticed that she’s wearing long-sleeved shirts all the time, even when it’s hot. Recently I noticed there was a cut on her wrist, but she said the cat scratched her. I’m afraid she’s cutting. What can I do?” This is a situation where you can’t be passive.

And always finish up with

"To find out more, read Parenting from the Periphery by Dale DePalatis."

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