YourGlobalFamily Manifesto

(This is what we believe.)

We believe in the dignity of all human beings. No person ever has chosen the circumstances of his/her birth – when, where and to whom. For that reason alone, no one should bear the burden of discrimination due to conditions outside of his/her control.

We believe human beings are better when they choose to follow their higher nature, or answer to their better angels. We believe every human being has that capacity but we recognize, sadly, some do not choose that path.

We believe human beings are designed in the image of God and, as such, are worthy of the highest regard and treatment, whenever possible. We also believe human beings are not God – the created vs. the Creator – and therefore do not deserve to be worshipped, only to receive regard and respect.

We also believe human beings are stewards of the earth. This is a high responsibility. For this very reason, we believe we must take every step possible to care well for our planet. This is as true for the natural world – plants, animals, oceans, mountains, forests and so on – as it is for the world of human connection, community and relationship.

We believe life itself is a gift – each day given by a Creator God who loves us regardless of whether or not we choose to acknowledge and/or live for Him. This produces in us a heart of gratitude.

We recognize everyone does not believe or think this way, and we accept that. We do not believe in persuading people to our beliefs through any form of manipulation whatsoever. Rather, we believe in simply loving all – whether they view the world our way or not. Love is what transforms hearts and lives.

We believe there is space at the table for a diversity of opinions and ideas.

We believe we are best when we seek to cooperate and collaborate, not divide and isolate. Although it may be natural to humans to choose to associate with people like ourselves, we believe we are strongest in our diversity – of beliefs, culture, educational experiences, ethnicities, gender, ideas, languages, race, religion, and socioeconomic backgrounds. When we bring diverse perspectives to the table, we enlarge our understanding and strengthen, not weaken, who we are.

We believe humans are best when we communicate and seek to resolve our differences through dialogue, not violence. 

We believe in the power of love over hate, good over evil, life over death.

We believe in the value and impact of telling our stories – and of encouraging others to tell theirs. We are brokers of learning and improvement, and we engage in these activities whenever we can. We believe in living life empowered, and growing daily in grace and strength.

We believe in families, and in children. We believe children hold the hope of the future, and how we act today requires us to be mindful of the world in which our children will live long after we leave this earth.

We believe in the value of investing in children, caring for the disadvantaged, standing up for those without a voice, and valuing the wisdom of those who’ve gone before us, learning from their mistakes. 

We believe we are called to do whatever we can, in the remaining years we have on this planet, to love, serve, hope and dream, share, encourage, learn, mentor, work and play, delight, grow, and glorify God. 

And this is why we believe YourGlobalFamily must be part of our world now and going forward.

Caroline & Dale DePalatis

©, 2019. All rights reserved.

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