Even though we are the ones getting YourGlobalFamily off the ground, we believe the best work usually comes out of community. Simply put, we need others to add deeper dimension and color to our own ways of viewing the world. 

So, we invite collaborators to join us. Interested in sharing your cross-cultural or intercultural story through a guest post? Adding your voice to one of our Global Roundtables? Trading services or helping one another out? 

Sorry, but we currently do not have paid positions.

Still, if what you see on this website excites you and you're interested in volunteering time or services to gain experience and contribute, let's talk as well. Over time, these could develop into profit-sharing opportunities if the fit is right.

We reserve the right to decline a partnership if we feel it's not in the best interests of YourGlobalFamily. And, of course, you are under no obligation either.

What we are not looking for: Scammers. People reaching out simply to "sell" us something. It happens online. And, we're just not into that. So thank you for not even going there.

Once we hear from you through our Contact form, we will be in touch via email to start our discussion.

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