Do you aspire to raise your kids to be awesome, contributive human beings and engaged global citizens?

Much of that can be accomplished at home. But when you're ready to jump out of your comfort zone with your kids, we're here to help you do so.

We've raised three kids to young adulthood. Along the way, we've given them dozens of cross-cultural and intercultural opportunities, including a year living abroad. Now, as young adults, they are not only traveling with competence, but they are also contributing in to the betterment of our world.

Drawing from our own experience and a bank of other resources, we can help you with this process.  

We take on a limited number of clients and work with them 1:1.

We can help you navigate through this challenge as well.

One way we can help is to encourage a mindset and provide tools for you to be more intentional about your parenting process.

We can also empower you to design a family experience abroad, a time where you and your children connect with purpose and intention with the host culture(s).

If you'd like more than what  you can gain through this site, let us know and we can set up a time to talk.

Even from the beginning, kids are wired to explore the world around them. How can you make the most of it and craft your family's global vision, no matter where you are along the parenting journey?

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